Digital Tachograph Pack

RS Complete Pack

The RS Complete Pack is especially designed for operators that want to take full advantage of the whole RS Product line.

The RS Complete Pack contains the RS Digidown, RS DigiTac Software and the RS Card Reader. The RS Card Reader lets you download driver cards directly into your computer in 10 seconds.


Download Driver Cards Digital Tachograph Download Driver Cards in 10 sec
Download Driver Cards Digital Tachograph Download Digital Tachograph
Download Driver Cards Digital Tachograph Store, View and Analyze Data

Download Driver Card Digital Tachograph

Package Demonstration

Once truck operators see our presentation of the digital tachograph solutions they are convinced and buy their own RS digital tachograph solution immediately.


Call our office now to get your own personal advice and presentation of the pack that fits your needs!

This Package Contains:

RS Digidown - Fast Digital Tachograph Download Tool.
RS Card Reader - Fast Driver Card Download.
RS DigiTac Software - Store, view and analyze digital tachograph data.
Easy install guide - No computer expertise required, guaranteed!
USB cable - Transfer your data quick and easy to your own computer.

Software Features:

• Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
• View, analyze and print driver and vehicle activity reports
• Reports in familiar analogue-style tachograph timelines
• Convenient visual download reminders
• Insight on events, faults and overspeeding
• Make Back-ups easy
• Export your data to various formats
• Allows an unlimited number of drivers and vehicles

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