Digital Tachograph Solutions

RoadSoft offers you user-friendly software and hardware solutions for downloading and analyzing data from the digital tachograph.

Our digital tachograph solutions make every truck operator download their digital tachograph fast, simple and against the lowest cost.

Main Benefits:

Digital Tachograph No Ongoing Subscription
Digital Tachograph Free Software Updates
Digital Tachograph Extremely User-Friendly

Digital Tachograph Professional Local Support

Digital Tachograph Fastest Digital Tachograph Download

10.000 Customers

During the last three years RoadSoft successfully build a loyal customer base of over
10.000 satisfied customers throughout Europe.

While our technical staff works continuously on product improvements that benefit our users, our friendly yet professional staff tries their best to remain our high standards of customer satisfaction day in day out.

Easy to Use

Over the past three years we have listened carefully to our users and continuously improved our digital tachograph solutions.


Our digital tachograph software has a very user-friendly interface. This together with the variety of functionalities makes our digital tachograph solutions standout from the other digital tachograph products on the market. 

Compare our different solutions now:

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Download digital tachograph
Download driver card
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View and print activity reports -
Manage and backup data -
Fast desktop card reader - -
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