Changing the Print Roll

Continental VDO

The print cassette is located to the right hand side of the VU. To replace the print roll, first ensure that the vehicle ignition is switched on, then press the cassette drawer switch situated to the right and near the top of the drawer face. The drawer will then open automatically. Do not force the drawer or try to withdraw it completely from the VU as it is an integral part of the VU and is not removable.


With the drawer fully open, place the replacement print roll into the cassette, ensuring that the loose end of the print roll is to the top and a small piece of it is hanging over the top front edge of the drawer.


Gently press the cassette drawer back into the VU and the VU printer is now ready for use.



The print cassette is located to the right hand side of the VU. To access the print roll cassette, you need to gently pull open the cassette drawer by putting your finger in the ridge at the top of the front of the drawer and pulling down the front cover.


The cover will drop down on a hinge and a red piece of plastic will then be visible. Pull the red plastic out to the front of the cassette drawer and place a new print roll onto it. Push the front of the plastic back into the cassette drawer with the print roll on top of it, then lift up and close the cassette front.


Ensure that the loose end of the print roll is drawn out over the top of the cassette drawer front when it has been latched back into place. The VU printer is now ready to use.



Unlike the DTCO 1381 and SmarTach VUs, the SE5000 has a paper cassette that must be completely withdrawn from the VU to allow loading of a new print roll. Great care needs to be taken when loading a print roll to ensure that it is loaded correctly and that the cassette mechanism is not damaged.


To remove the cassette mechanism, first press the upper edge of the printer cover on the right hand side of the VU.


The panel hinges out from the top, allowing the cassette mechanism to be removed by pulling firmly but gently on the lower edge of the panel.


The paper roll should now be inserted into the top of the cassette and the free end of the paper should be fed around the rear of the cassette, over the roller and then underneath the cassette mechanism, towards the front of the panel.


If, at any stage, undue resistance is felt or the paper becomes torn of damaged, remove the cassette and check that the print roll is correctly inserted. Do NOT force the cassette home as this can cause severe damage to the VU.


Once loaded, the cassette should be slid carefully back onto the rails of the back into the VU by pressing on the centre of the panel until it engages and ensuring that loose end of the print roll remains protruding from underneath the cassette drawer. The VU printer is now ready for use.