About RS

About Us


RoadSoft is a company with an international management team with entrenched experience on software and road transport legislation, known for its comprehensive and user-friendly software solutions.

Leading Company

As a leading company in the new era of the digital tachograph, RoadSoft offers a complete product portfolio to compete within the European market for transportation software.

Over 10.000 Customers

Since 2005 RoadSoft has sold its solutions to over 10.000 satisfied companies troughout Europe. Due to the strong influence of word-to-mouth, our customer base is growing at a rapid pace. 

User friendliness

By the diverse needs of truck operators in all business areas, the main focus is on user-friendliness and support.  Its consumer driven approach together with technological expertise has resulted in the most user-friendly yet comprehensive solutions available on the market.

Quality vs. Price

RoadSoft’s staff strives to offer best quality without making any concessions in offering competitive prices and a high level of service.